The practice project team of undergraduates from The College of Environmental Science and Engineering visiting Singapore returned to China successfully


ReporterZhu YaqiangOn July 7, 2023, the team of undergraduate students from the College of Environmental Science and Engineering went to Singapore for an visit and returned to China at 16:00 Beijing time.

The visiting team is led by Associate Professor Liao Yuan and Counselor Zhu Yaqiang from the college, and consists of 20 undergraduate students. The trip lasted for 7 days, including 5 days of visits in Singapore.

The team visited NUS, NTU, SMTCSingapore Membrane Technology Center, PUB NEWater and other units, visited the laboratories, research centers, technology centers and campus facilities of relevant units, and conducted in-depth exchanges and studies on environmental professional issues with the staff of relevant units.

The College of Environmental Science and Engineering carries out the funding program for undergraduate students to visit Singapore during the summer vacation every year, and selects and subsidizes 20 undergraduates to go abroad for short-term study visits, so as to broaden students' horizons, cultivate students' professional interests, improve students' professional ability and improve the quality of undergraduate education.