Visitation of Dr. Counter from Harvard Medical School and Environmental Health Academic Seminar


At the invitation of Prof. Qixing Zhou (dean of Environmental Science and Technology School), an American delegation group of Harvard Medical School arrived at the college of environmental science and engineering to attend the Environmental Health Academic Seminar from Nov. 17 to 18. On the morning of Nov. 18. Prof. S. Allen Counter delivered an academic report of “Neurotoxic effects of Lead (Pb) and Mercury (Hg) Exposure: An international Medical Challenge” to the students and stuff. Prof. Hongwen Sun hosted the report and the following discussion regarding the neurotoxic response of children from Andes in Ecuador exposed by Pb and Hg. In the afternoon, Prof. Hongwen Sun, Prof. Yi Luo, Prof. Lei Wang and Prof. Xiangang Hu respectively displayed their achievement in their own field and communicated with Prof. Counter for the future cooperation. After that, Dr. Counter visited the laboratory of Dr. Zhou.


Prof. S. Allen Counter is a professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School and a neurophysiologist at the Massachusetts General Hospital. He is also director of the Harvard Foundation at Harvard University. For the past 40 years, Prof. S. Allen Counter served Harvard honorably as resident tutor, professor and administrator. Dr. Counter experienced academic training at Tennessee University (B.S.) and Case Western Reserve University (Ph.D.). In addition, Prof. S. Allen Counter received his MD from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden under guidance of Prof. Erik Borg and Prof. Åke Flock. He then went to Harvard to receive post-doctoral training in Neurobiology at the Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory under the guidance of the distinguished Prof. John E. Dowling.



Reported by Anqi Sun and Hu Xiangang