Tianjin International Joint Research Center for Advanced Water Treatment Technology


Center overview

The International Joint Research Center for Advanced Water Treatment Technology was identified by Tianjin Science and Technology Bureau as follows (Jin Ke He [2017] No. 9) on January 21, 2017. The Chinese Director of the Joint Research Center is Professor Zhou Minghua and the Foreign Director is Professor Mehmet A. Oturan from the University of East Paris. It has more than 30 researchers, including 4 senior professors, among which 2 Tianjin thousand foreign experts.


Center objective

Tianjin International Joint Research Center integrates Nankai University’s strengths in the field of water treatment, and collaborates with universities and scientific research institutions in France, Spain, the United States, and Finland to work together on advanced technologies such as electrocatalysis, electro-Fenton, photocatalysis, and Fenton oxidation. The research and development of water treatment technology strives to provide new methods for the efficient treatment of pollutants such as medicine, pesticides, chemicals, and dyes in water and wastewater.

Through short-term lectures, talent introduction and exchange, project cooperation, and joint training of graduate students, the Joint Research Center gathers together to form a scientific research team with international impact and lead international research, to jointly solve the emerging containments treatment frontiers and technical problems, and strive to improve the academic influence from China in this research area, in order to solve the environmental pollution problems of organic pollutants in China, also provides technical support for local governments in international negotiations and implementation of persistent organic pollutant reduction.


Main research directions

Water pollution control technology; environmental catalysis and nanomaterials; advanced oxidation processes; sewage resource and energy technology.


International cooperation

At present, the center has cooperated with the University of Paris East, Paul Sabattier University, University of Lorraine, University of Barcelona, Georgia Institute of Technology, Ohio University, University of Toronto, University of Alberta, University of Sydney, University of South Australia, as well as related research institutes in more than 20 countries such as the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Finland, Denmark, Brazil, India, Chile, Mexico, and South Africa. We have established good research relationships and jointly undertaken the cooperate and exchange projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Natural Science Foundation of China and the Foreign Experts Bureau, working on advanced electrochemical oxidation technology research on water treatment, and promote the establishment of Sustainable Energy Environmental Technology Research Center, Nankai University. We have co-published the first international electro-Fenton monograph in English, co-hosted 2 international conferences, published 1 album each in the SCI journals of Curr. Org. Chem. and Environ. Sci. Pollut. Res., and published more than 20 collaborative papers in Biotechnol. Adv., Appl. Catal. B-Environ., Chem. Eng. J. and other international SCI journals.