Research Center for Water Pollution Control and Safety


Research Center for Water Pollution Control and Safety, Nankai University, is an international joint research center founded in 2018 under the guidance of Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Commission. The director of the research center is Professor Sihui Zhan.

The overall goals of the center are to enhance water pollution control and ensure water safety for the nation, and to cultivate and train high level talents in the related field. The main research purposes of the center are to develop new technologies for water quality monitoring, to develop next-generation treatment technologies for wastewater treatment, to develop novel technologies for the removal of emerging contaminants. Besides, one of the important function of the center is to exploring the new training mode, project-talent-base, through the university–industry cooperation. The center has already set up academic relationships and links with some world-renowned institutes or academies in many countries.

Since its establishment, the research center has been focusing on the development of functional nanomaterials for water pollution monitoring and control. The center is now undertaking several provincial major and key research projects, and national key projects, and have published lots of high level and foundation-laid researches in leading journals.


Major Research Fields

Novel technologies for water quality monitoring

New technologies for wastewater treatment and reclamation

Ground water pollution control and remediation

Appropriate technologies for emerging water contaminants

Mathematical model of water and wastewater treatment processes