Tianjin International Joint Research Center of "emerging pollutant exposomics"


In 2016, Tianjin International Joint Research Center of emerging pollutant exposomics was approved by Tianjin Science and Technology Commission for construction. The center is an interdisciplinary international joint research and development center, with Hongwen Sun, Professor of the college of environmental science and engineering of Nankai University, as the Chinese director, and K. Kannan, Professor of the school of public health of New York State University, as the foreign director. Professor Hongwen Sun is the winner of the national fund for Distinguished Young Scholars and a distinguished professor of Changjiang Scholars of the Ministry of education. Her research direction is environmental pollution chemistry and chemical human exposure. Professor Kannan is one of the most active scientists in the field of environmental chemical exposure and assessment in the world, and has been selected into the top 100 papers in the field of ecology and environment in the United States for many times. The Chinese research team of the center is composed of teachers from the college of environmental science and engineering, the college of medicine, the colleges of medicine and other disciplines of Nankai University. Since its establishment, the center has held many interdisciplinary academic seminars in the University, and hosted the Fourth International Conference on Environmental Pollution and Health in 2018. The research direction of the international joint research center is to explore the relationship between chemical exposure and human chronic diseases. The research aims to contribute to the global development of the new discipline of emerging pollutant exposomics.

Figure 1. Appointment ceremony of visiting Professor Kannan of Nankai University       

Figure 2. Prof. Field, Oregon State University, associate editor in chief of ES & T, was invited to give lectures at the center