Tianjin Engineering Research Center of Steel Manufacture and Product Cleaning Technology



Tianjin Engineering Research Center of Steel Manufacture and Product Cleaning Technology was approved by Municipal Science and Technology in 2015. In 2017, the Engineering Research Center passed the acceptance of Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Bureau with high-score and was awarded as outstanding. It was officially recognized as a municipal engineering technology center. The engineering center is evaluated as excellent in 2019.

Tianjin Engineering Research Center of Steel Manufacture and Product Cleaning Technology relies on College of Environmental Science and Engineering, Nankai University and Jointly builds resources with Tianjin Furen Strip Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Jinrui Productivity Promotion Center (Swedish Industrial Research Institute and Exergy Group).

Director of research certer: Professor Hongbing Yu

Key members: Prof. Zhan sihui; A/Prof. Dongheng; A/Prof. Liu lina; A/Prof. Wu Libo; A/Prof. Yukai; A/Prof. Wang Haitao Wang Shenqiang Lecture and Yangnan et.al 35 regular technicians and 20 mobile technicians.


The main purpose of the establishment of this project center is to meet the major needs of the transformation, quality improvement, efficiency and energy conservation and emission reduction of Tianjin's steel industry. The industry is positioned in the iron and steel products industry and other related industries. The focus is positioned in the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and the beautiful Tianjin construction.

Orientation and Functions: Carry out technological research and development, achievement transformation, promotion and application and talent training, form a complete technological service innovation chain, introduce foreign advanced technology, establish a clean production technology production, education and research integrated platform in the steel product industry, and truly achieve.

The ultimate aim: Really improve the efficiency of resource and energy utilization, reduce the generation of pollutants from the source and process, promote the realization of air pollution control goals, reduce production costs, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, improve the technical level of steel and processing enterprises and achieve transformation. The goal of upgrading plays an important role in promoting the sound and rapid development of Tianjin.


Ø  Environmental Protection Science and Technology Award   First prize

Ø  Shanghai Science and Technology Award   First prize

Ø  SCI: more than 110;

Ø  Patents: 35 in total;

Ø  Publications: 5 books; 2 Standards;

Projects and topics

²  In recent years, accumulated research funding of 20 million;

²  Undertake 98 enterprise commission projects

²  Help 3 technology-based enterprises to complete transformation and upgrade, including Tianjin Iron and Steel Group Corporation, Tianjin Tiantie Metallurgy Group Co., Ltd.

²  Formulate industrial upgrading plans394 companies in Daqiuzhuang entrusted by Tianjin Science and Technology Commission

²  Energy-saving, low-sulfur and low-nitrogen clean technology and demonstration of sintering process,  Tianjin Science and Technology Plan Project Fouds: 3 million

²  Research and Application of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Policy of Pingxiang Atmospheric Environmental Protection Industrial Park, National key R&D plan Fouds: 23 million

Industry-University-Research Platform

Aiming at the common problems such as high energy consumption, large pollutant emissions, low heat utilization efficiency, poor enterprise efficiency, and huge emission reduction pressure in the iron and steel sintering industry, we established a sintering cup laboratory in Tianjin Tiangang United Special Steel Co., Ltd.Research on clean technologies for energy saving and emission reduction in the sintering process of the steel industry.