The Center for Circular Economy and Climate Policy of Nankai University


The Center for Circular Economy and Climate Policy of Nankai University was found in 2011. The centre is a university research centre and Tianjin key centre for social science, and the vision is to create a national hub for transdisciplinary research on circular economy and climate policy. We draw on expertise across Nankai University, mainly from the College of Environmental Science and Engineering, College for Economy, College for Business.


The research topics cover environmental economics and policy, energy economics and climate policy, atmospheric environment and policy and waste recycling policy and management. Our research group now focuses on the following topics: 1. the change of the manufacturing and residential consumption in China and How these changes affect carbon emissions from power consumption; 2. How family and nonfamily households spatially change in China and what are its effects on energy consumption (electricity consumption and non-electricity energy consumption) and carbon emissions. 3. What challenges on carbon emission target the spatial transition of democracy structure brings in China.4. Urbanization, residential payment, and vehicle emissions in China.5. The policy on resident heating in winter and its effect on regional air quality in China.6. The policy on WEEE collecting and dismantling and its effect in China.