Key Laboratory of Pollution Processes and Environmental Criteria, Ministry of Education


The key laboratory of pollution Processes and Environmental Criteria, Ministry of Education was approved to be constructed in January 2008 and passed evaluation in April 2012.


Research Directions

The three research directions of the key laboratory are as follows:

(1)    Pollution processes of environments on Earth surface

(2)    Ecological toxicology and environmental criteria

(3)    Environmental remediation and emergency response treatment

    The key laboratory has a well-established equipment platform, outdoor greenhouse and several pilot testing and simulation devices. The total value of equipment is over 3 million RMB.



The key laboratory has 51 faculties in total, including 43 research staffs, 4 technicians and 2 administrative staffs. Among the research staffs, there are 18 professors and 20 associated professors. The director of the key laboratory is Professor Yi LUO. The vice directors are Professor Lei WANG, Xiangang HU and Yingying WANG.


Academic Achievement and Publications

In recent years, the key laboratory has undertaken various national science and technology key projects. The average annual research funding has exceeded 2 million RMB. Major advances have been made in all three research directions. In the past 5 years, 1231 peer-reviewed research papers have been published, including 599 SCI-indexed paper. Moreover, the key laboratory received 46 licensed patents, and published 16 academic books and textbooks. The key laboratory has won 22 awards, including 5 first prizes and 6 second prizes at the Ministerial and Provincial-level. 340 master degree candidates and doctoral candidates were cultivated in the past five years. Several doctoral students have been awarded best doctoral thesis in Nankai University and received external scholarships.


Academic Exchange and Communication

The domestic and international academic exchange are very active. Six young researchers went abroad for academic exchange and more than 20 staffs and students attended international academic conferences in the past 3 years. Furthermore, 4-5 graduate students are given the opportunities to study abroad in world leading research institutes as exchange students every year. The key laboratory provides 3-5 open research grants every year together with scholarships for excellent postdocs.